Free Resources for UK Dividend Investors

A collection of useful documents, guides, checklists and spreadsheets for sensible long-term investors.

The documents below cover the basics of my dividend investing process and you'll also find a list of stocks you can apply that process to. If you want understand how I invest in more detail, have a look at my book, The Defensive Value Investor.

UK Top 40 High-Yield Blue-Chip Stocks

This is a list of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 stocks with the best combination of size and yield. It contains links to detailed reviews of each company (once I've written them) and the list is updated each month.

Dividend Investing Guide

This is a brief but reasonably detailed overview of how I invest in high-quality dividend-paying companies.

It will give you a solid understanding of how the main pieces of the strategy fit together, without getting bogged down in too much detail.

Dividend Investing Checklist

This is the checklist I use on a regular basis to analyse and value companies.

The checklist is made up of a series of questions that have been designed to assess the quality, defensiveness and value of any dividend-paying company.

Each question comes with a detailed explanation, so you'll know exactly why it's there and how to answer it.

Newletter Owner's Manual

This "owner's manual" explains each section of the UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter.

It will help you understand aspects of investing beyond stock picking, such as reviewing and rebalancing existing holdings or measuring the overall stock market's valuation.

Sample Issue: January 2022

This free sample of my monthly newsletter will give you a good idea of what's involved in managing a portfolio of dividend stocks. 

It includes valuations for the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250, a full list of holdings for the UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio, interim and annual reviews for several holdings and a detailed purchase review for Direct Line Insurance.

Company Review Checklist

This is an editable version of my checklist.

It's a Google Doc, so you can make a copy (or download it as an MS Word document) and enter your analysis directly into the checklist.

Company Review Spreadsheet

This is the spreadsheet I use to analyse income statements, balance sheets and other financial data.

Just make a copy, enter data for a company and the spreadsheet will calculate a range of key metrics and an initial discounted dividend model.

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