Free Resources for Dividend Investors

Learn more about defensive dividend investing with these free resources

To help you on your dividend investing journey, you can find my investment checklist, spreadsheet and other resources below. These resources will help you analyse companies and answer the following questions:

  • Does the company have a good and sustainable dividend yield?
  • Does it have a track record of good financial results?
  • Is it a good quality business?
  • Does it have good growth prospects?

The checklist in particular will give you a very thorough understanding of my approach to defensive dividend investing.

For even more detail, please see my book, The Defensive Value Investor

Dividend Investing Checklist (PDF version)

This is the checklist I use to analyse and value companies.

It's made up of a series of questions that assess the quality, defensiveness and value of a company:

Dividend Investing Checklist (editable version)

If you want to try your hand at applying my investment strategy yourself, you can make a copy of this template and use it when you next analyse a company:

Company Review Spreadsheet

This is the spreadsheet I use to analyse income statements, balance sheets and other financial data.

If you'd like to use it, you can make a copy, enter the relevant financial data, and the spreadsheet will calculate a range of critical metrics and an initial fair value estimate:

UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter Owner's Manual

This "owner's manual" is for investors who have subscribed to the UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter. However, even if you're not a subscriber, it should help you understand the steps I take each month to manage my personal portfolio and the UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio:


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