Free Resources for UK Dividend Investors

Learn more about defensive dividend investing with these free resources

Investing might not be rocket science, but it does involve quite a few steps and a fair amount of number crunching, and one of the best ways to organise and systemise this aspect of investing is with checklists and spreadsheets.

So, if you're interested in analysing companies yourself, or if you'd like to gain a better understanding of how companies are analysed for the UK Dividend Stocks Blog or Newsletter, feel free to read through and use the free resources below.

You can find out more about this investment strategy in the book, The Defensive Value Investor

Dividend Investing Checklist (printable version)

This checklist is used to analyse and value companies for the UK Dividend Stocks Blog and Newsletter.

It's made up of a series of questions that assess the quality, defensiveness and value of a company:

Dividend Investing Checklist (editable version)

This Google Doc version of the checklist allows you to make and edit your own copy online or download it as either a Word document or one of a variety of other popular formats:

Company Review Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is used to analyse financial statements, calculate key financial ratios and develop discounted dividend models.

If you'd like to use it, just make a copy, enter the relevant financial data and the spreadsheet will crunch the numbers:

UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter Owner's Manual

This manual explains the main monthly tasks involved in managing the UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio for long-term income and growth:


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