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The Defensive Value Investor

After reading this book, you’ll have a detailed understanding of a step-by-step approach to investing in high-quality high-yield shares.

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The Defensive Value Investor

By John Kingham

I wrote this book to give investors a comprehensive overview of the strategy I use to build and manage a portfolio of quality dividend stocks:

Part 1. Quantitative Analysis of a Company's Accounts

1. Profitable Dividends
2. Consistent Growth
3. High Profitability
4. Conservative Finances
5. Low Valuation
6. Defensiveness and Value Combined

Part 2. Qualitative Analysis of a Company's Business

7. Value Traps
8. Competitive Advantages
9. Making a Final Decision

Part 3. Managing Your Portfolio

10. Diversify Wisely
11. Buy Slowly
12. Hold Steadily
13. Sell Deliberately
14. Improve Continuously


43 Rules of Thumb for value-focused dividend investors

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