The Defensive Value Investor

"This is an accessible, well-written and engaging guide, and it is also refreshing to hear a perspective from someone who isn’t a typical City professional" - MoneyWeek

The Defensive Value Investor

By John Kingham

This book provides investors with a comprehensive overview of a systematic approach to building and maintaining a portfolio of quality dividend stocks.

This strategy is used to manage the UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio and you can see it being applied every month in the UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter:

Part 1. Quantitative Analysis of a Company's Accounts

1. Profitable Dividends
2. Consistent Growth
3. High Profitability
4. Conservative Finances
5. Low Valuation
6. Defensiveness and Value Combined

Part 2. Qualitative Analysis of a Company's Business

7. Value Traps
8. Competitive Advantages
9. Making a Final Decision

Part 3. Managing Your Portfolio

10. Diversify Wisely
11. Buy Slowly
12. Hold Steadily
13. Sell Deliberately
14. Improve Continuously


43 Rules of Thumb for value-focused dividend investors

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