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The UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio

By John Kingham

Launched in 2011, this is a virtual portfolio of 20 to 30 high-quality UK dividend stocks from the FTSE All-Share index. It holds exactly the same shares as my personal portfolio with approximately the same position sizes.

My overall goal with this portfolio is to show investors how a portfolio of UK dividend stocks can be used to generate a robust stream of dividends that can grow ahead of inflation. 

My performance goals for this portfolio are as follows:

  1. Income: Have a higher dividend yield than the FTSE All-Share and preferably more than 5%
  2. Growth: Generate higher total returns than the All-Share over five or ten years and preferably more than 10% annualised
  3. Risk: Be less volatile than the All-Share

I manage this portfolio using an investment strategy that I have been developing for more than a decade. To find out more about this strategy and how I analyse companies, please take a look at this investment checklist.

Portfolio reviews

Here are the latest portfolio-related blog posts.


Please note that my 5% dividend yield goal was only introduced in 2021, which is why the model portfolio's yield has been below 5% for most of its history. So the 5% yield target only applies from 2022 onwards.

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