The UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio

Launched in 2011, the UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio holds a diverse collection of quality dividend stocks, mostly from the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250. You can follow every holding and every trade in the UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter

A Model Portfolio for UK Dividend Investors

This portfolio was launched in 2011 to show investors how a high-yield, low-risk portfolio of shares could be managed in the real world and in real-time.

Although this is a virtual portfolio, it is extremely realistic because it deducts all real-world expenses including broker fees, stamp duty and the cost of an annual subscription to The UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter.

A Systematic Dividend Investing Strategy

The portfolio follows an updated version of the strategy detailed in the 2016 book, The Defensive Value Investor. You can read a summary of that strategy in this blog post: A 5-step strategy for investing in dividend stocks.

For more information about the portfolio's investment strategy, please see the Dividend Investing Resources page.

Performance Goals

This is a UK equity income portfolio, so it has two simple goals that align with the two phases of retirement investing:

  1. Accumulation: Generate a higher total return than the FTSE All-Share over ten years or longer
  2. Decumulation: Have a higher dividend yield than the FTSE All-share at all times

Performance Summary

The charts and table below track the portfolio's total return and dividend yield from inception in March 2011, in both percentage and absolute terms.

Note that both the UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio and its FTSE All-Share benchmark portfolio were launched with a virtual starting value of £50,000.

UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio - Total Return
UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio - Total value
UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio - Dividend Yield
UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio - Dividends per year

The total return table below uses the following colour-coding rules to highlight the portfolio's performance in both absolute terms and versus its FTSE All-Share benchmark:

  • Green (good) = Above 0%
  • Yellow (mild warning) = Between -10% and 0%
  • Red (strong warning) = Below -10% 
UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio - Performance Table

Diversity by Company, Sector and Size

This is a defensive dividend portfolio, so the portfolio is broadly diversified by company, sector and market capitalisation.

UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio - Company Diversity
UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio - Sector Diversity
UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio - Size Diversity

Interim and Annual Reviews

The portfolio is reviewed twice each year. These reviews cover the portfolio's performance, any recent changes to its holdings and any other relevant news:

You can find earlier reviews on this website's predecessor,

Buy and Sell Reviews for Past Holdings

The portfolio follows a long-term investing strategy so there is relatively little in the way of trading activity on a day-to-day basis. 

In a typical month, there might be one new holding added to the portfolio, or one existing holding removed. With around 25 holdings, this means that each holding usually remains in the portfolio for at least several years. 

When companies are added to or removed from the portfolio, a detailed review (typically around ten pages) is published in the monthly UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter and you can download these buy and sell reviews for all past holdings below.

This website provides information and education for investors. It does not provide financial advice or recommendations to buy or sell any specific investment. If you're not sure if an investment is right for you, you should speak to a regulated financial adviser. Please read the disclaimer for more details.