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The UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio

This portfolio is the centrepiece of the UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter.

Launched in 2011, it's a concentrated portfolio of 20 to 25 high-quality UK dividend stocks. It holds exactly the same shares as my real-world portfolio with approximately the same position sizes and all dividends are reinvested.

This is an income and growth portfolio, so its performance goals are:

  1. High income: To have a higher dividend yield than the FTSE All-Share and ideally more than 5%
  2. High growth: To produce higher total returns than the FTSE All-Share over ten years and ideally more than 10% annualised

I manage the portfolio using a systematic approach that I have developed over more than a decade. You can find out more about this strategy by reading the UK Dividend Stocks Blog and my Company Review Checklist. If you want more detail than that, you should read my book, The Defensive Value Investor.

Quarterly Portfolio Reviews

I publish quarterly portfolio reviews on the blog, as well as sale reviews of any holdings sold. You can also find older portfolio reviews (pre-2021) on my old website, UKValueInvestor.com.


The charts and tables below show the portfolio's performance versus a FTSE All-Share tracker (accumulation fund) and also the 5% dividend yield and 10% annualised total return targets.

Please note that the 5% dividend yield goal was only introduced in 2021, so it isn't an appropriate benchmark before that date.

PerformanceModel PortfolioFTSE All-Share TrackerDifference
Dividend yield5.0%3.2%1.8%
5-Year total return13.4%20.0%-6.6%
5-Year annualised return2.6%3.7%-1.2%
10-Year total return109.9%97.8%12.1%
10-Year annualised return7.7%7.1%0.6%

Buy and Sell Reviews for Past Holdings

Managing a portfolio of shares is a bit like managing a garden. There are regular recurring tasks that need to be performed to keep the garden (or portfolio) in tip-top shape.

Fast-growing plants need to be trimmed back and weeds need to be removed and replaced with something more attractive.

The same ideas apply to investing. To remove weak or overvalued holdings and replace them with stronger and more attractively valued alternatives, I'll typically add or remove one holding every month or two.

Before I buy or sell a company, I always carry out a detailed review using my investment checklist. If I do decide to make the trade, I'll first write up the review in the monthly newsletter and then send it out to subscribers.

You can read these buy and sell reviews for all past holdings in the sections below (click on each section to expand). 

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