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The UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio

By John Kingham

This portfolio sits at the heart of the UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter.

Launched in 2011, it's a model portfolio of 20 to 30 high-quality UK dividend stocks, mostly from the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 indices.

The aim is to beat the FTSE All-Share in terms of income and growth, without taking on excessive risk. Ideally, the dividend yield should exceed 5% and the long-term total return from income and growth should exceed 10% annualised.

Virtually all of my family's retirement savings are invested in the same stocks as this portfolio with approximately the same position sizes.

To give you a flavour of what's in the portfolio, at the time of writing the portfolio held 28 companies including Unilever, Legal & General, British American Tobacco and Domino's Pizza Group.

I manage the portfolio using a methodical investment strategy that I have been developing for more than a decade. To find out more about this strategy and how I analyse companies, please take a look at this investment checklist.


The charts below include the portfolio's 10% total return target and its 5% dividend yield target. However, the 5% dividend yield goal was only introduced in 2021, which is why the portfolio's yield has been below 5% for most of its history. Beyond 2021, the 5% dividend yield target will apply.

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