UK Top 40 Quality Dividend Stocks 2024

A regularly updated list of high-quality UK dividend stocks from the FTSE All-Share and AIM UK 50 indices

Most dividend investors are usually on the lookout for their next potential investment, so here you'll find a list of high-quality progressive dividend stocks from the UK.

The list is updated monthly and a related blog post is published at the beginning of each quarter.

The list is based on data provided by SharePad.

Top 40 UK Dividend Stocks - May 2024

Top UK Dividend Stocks

As of May 2024, the top ten stocks were:

  1. British American Tobacco
  2. Legal & General
  3. National Grid
  4. Phoenix
  5. Reckitt Benckiser
  6. Unilever
  7. Schroders
  8. Diageo
  9. IG
  10. United Utilities

Top 40 UK Dividend Stocks - Archive

If you'd like to know what the top UK dividend stocks were in the past, use the links below to visit any of the related quarterly blog posts, which include additional commentary that was relevant at the time.

Note that before April 2024, the list was focused on high-yield dividend stocks, whereas the list is now focused on high-quality dividend stocks:

How are these top 40 stocks selected and ranked?

These selection and sorting rules were updated in April 2024 to focus on high-quality progressive dividend stocks.

Selection criteria:

  1. Listed in the FTSE All-Share or AIM UK 50 indices
  2. Paid a dividend every year for the last ten years
  3. No dividend cuts in the last ten years
  4. Consensus forecast is for a held or raised dividend next year


  1. Size: Assign each stock a size rank, with the highest market cap having a size rank of 1
  2. Yield: Assign each stock a yield rank, with the highest yield having a yield rank of 1
  3. Size and Yield: Sort the list by the sum of the size and yield ranks, in ascending order, so the stock with the best combination of large size and high dividend yield is at the top of the list
  4. Top 40: Remove any stocks outside the top 40

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