Top 40 High-Yield Blue-Chip UK Stocks: Spring 2023

dividend stocks Mar 22, 2023
Top 40 High-Yield Blue-Chip UK Stocks

After a slight delay caused by a very busy results season, here at last is the second edition of my Top 40 list of UK dividend stocks.

You can see the full list at the bottom of this post, but first, let's get the big caveat out of the way:

This is a mechanical list that ranks FTSE 350 stocks by a combination of their market capitalisation (bigger is better) and forecast dividend yield (higher is better). It says nothing about my like or dislike of any particular stock, or whether you should or shouldn't invest in them. It is simply an easy way to answer the question, "Which dividend stock should I look at next?"

Much has changed since the last update in September, with banks now hogging many of the top spots.

High-yield banks and another banking crisis

Bank shares have gone down in the last couple of weeks and their dividend yields have gone up, because (as I’m sure you already know) several banks have recently failed:

Banks now make up four of the top 12 dividend stocks and life insurers another three, so financial stocks make up more than half of the top dozen UK dividend stocks.

To some extent, this isn’t a surprise because UK financial stocks have been out of favour for years, but the level of negativity towards these companies is now extreme.

Number one on my top 40 list is HSBC, with a market cap of £111 billion and a massive forecast yield of 8.7% (according to SharePad).

NatWest is number nine, with a forecast yield of 6.6% and Barclays is number ten with a 6.4% forecast yield. Lloyds rounds out the top dozen dividend stocks with a forecast yield of 6%.

Those are all very attractive yields and although I haven’t looked at those companies in detail, if you’re comfortable investing in banks then they could well be worth a look.

As I’ve already mentioned, life insurers are also very much out of favour. Whether that’s the LDI crisis or something else, I don’t know, but their yields are very enticing.

Legal & General is the highest-ranking life insurer with a somewhat unbelievable 9% forecast dividend yield. L&G has been in the UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio since 2017 so I know the company quite well, and my opinion is that L&G’s dividend should be sustainable (although of course, dividends are never guaranteed).

The other two life insurers are Aviva and Phoenix, with respective forecast yields of 8.2% and 9.4%. Those yields are so high that the market must be expecting dividend cuts at the very least, but if those cuts don’t materialise, these stocks could be very attractively priced.

Tobacco stocks have high yields for obvious reasons

Tobacco stocks operate in a structurally declining market and they have long been socially stigmatised, so the fact that they are out of favour in a world that is increasingly interested in “socially useful” investments is no surprise.

That’s why both of the UK’s big tobacco stocks, British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands, are comfortably within the top ten dividend stocks.

British American Tobacco has a forecast yield of 8.3%, which is good because it’s one of the larger holdings in my portfolio.

I own BAT because it has done an amazing job of scaling up its post-cigarette brands Vuse and Glo, and they are on schedule to break even in 2024. With momentum building in its post-nicotine ventures, including vaccine production and cannabis-derived products, the future could be bright for this company (although I expect a change of name at some point).

The UK is one of the most attractive dividend-focused stock markets on the planet

The FTSE All-Share has been out of favour with investors for more than a decade, thanks to the financial crisis, the Eurozone crisis, Brexit, Covid and the long-running UK housing bubble, where houses have become an important pension investment rather than stocks.

This has left the FTSE All-Share with embarrassingly terrible capital gains over the last 20 years, but the good news is that for dividend investors, this is a golden age.

If you bought every one of the 40 stocks on this list and weighted them evenly, the resulting portfolio’s forecast yield would be astonishingly high at 6.8%. Of course, there’s more to dividend investing than simply looking at dividend yields, but to have such a high average yield across a collection of mostly multi-billion-pound companies is very unusual.

To some extent we have the current economic malaise and now a banking crisis to thank for this, as the FTSE All-Share fell 7% last week as banks were going bust left, right and centre. But it is at times like these that investors must remember these immortal words:

“Every decade or so, dark clouds will fill the economic skies, and they will briefly rain gold. When downpours of that sort occur, it’s imperative that we rush outdoors carrying washtubs, not teaspoons” - Warren Buffett

You can find the complete top 40 list of UK dividend stocks below, or you can download a PDF version.

If you want to see the latest version, please go to the Top UK Dividend Stocks page.

No. Name (Links to Review) EPIC Index Sector Share Price Forecast Yield (%)
1 HSBC Holdings PLC HSBA FTSE 100 Banks £5.42 8.7
2 Glencore PLC GLEN FTSE 100 Industrial Metals and Mining £4.33 11.0
3 British American Tobacco PLC BATS FTSE 100 Tobacco £29.49 8.3
4 Vodafone Group PLC VOD FTSE 100 Telecommunications Service Providers £0.90 8.7
5 Rio Tinto PLC RIO FTSE 100 Industrial Metals and Mining £52.50 7.1
6 Legal & General Group PLC LGEN FTSE 100 Life Insurance £2.27 9.0
7 Imperial Brands PLC IMB FTSE 100 Tobacco £18.85 7.8
8 Aviva PLC AV. FTSE 100 Life Insurance £4.02 8.2
9 NatWest Group PLC NWG FTSE 100 Banks £2.58 6.6
10 Barclays PLC BARC FTSE 100 Banks £1.40 6.4
11 Phoenix Group Holdings PHNX FTSE 100 Life Insurance £5.59 9.4
12 Lloyds Banking Group PLC LLOY FTSE 100 Banks £0.46 6.0
13 Anglo American PLC AAL FTSE 100 Industrial Metals and Mining £25.04 5.7
14 National Grid PLC NG. FTSE 100 Gas, Water and Multi-utilities £10.39 5.3
15 M&G PLC MNG FTSE 100 Investment Banking and Brokerage Services £1.78 11.2
16 BP PLC BP. FTSE 100 Oil, Gas and Coal £4.80 4.5
17 SSE PLC SSE FTSE 100 Electricity £16.98 5.6
18 Shell PLC SHEL FTSE 100 Oil, Gas and Coal £22.14 4.3
19 Taylor Wimpey PLC TW. FTSE 100 Household Goods and Home Construction £1.14 8.4
20 Barratt Developments PLC BDEV FTSE 100 Household Goods and Home Construction £4.33 7.8
21 Admiral Group PLC ADM FTSE 100 Non-life Insurance £19.15 6.5
22 abrdn PLC ABDN FTSE 100 Investment Banking and Brokerage Services £1.99 7.3
23 GSK PLC GSK FTSE 100 Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Marijuana Producers £14.01 4.0
24 Unilever PLC ULVR FTSE 100 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores £40.48 3.8
25 Vistry Group PLC VTY FTSE 250 Household Goods and Home Construction £7.31 9.0
26 Schroders PLC SDR FTSE 100 Investment Banking and Brokerage Services £4.41 4.9
27 Tesco PLC TSCO FTSE 100 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores £2.47 4.3
28 DS Smith PLC SMDS FTSE 100 General Industrials £3.03 6.2
29 WPP Group PLC WPP FTSE 100 Media £9.16 4.5
30 Sainsbury (J) PLC SBRY FTSE 100 Personal Care, Drug and Grocery Stores £2.49 5.3
31 St James's Place PLC STJ FTSE 100 Investment Banking and Brokerage Services £11.41 4.9
32 Intermediate Capital Group PLC ICP FTSE 250 Investment Banking and Brokerage Services £11.57 7.0
33 Smurfit Kappa Group PLC SKG FTSE 100 General Industrials £28.27 4.7
34 Direct Line Insurance Group PLC DLG FTSE 250 Non-life Insurance £1.52 8.4
35 Investec PLC INVP FTSE 250 Banks £4.40 6.8
36 Persimmon PLC PSN FTSE 100 Household Goods and Home Construction £12.11 6.0
37 Mondi PLC MNDI FTSE 100 General Industrials £12.66 4.7
38 Harbour Energy PLC HBR FTSE 250 Oil, Gas and Coal £2.48 8.1
39 OSB Group PLC OSB FTSE 250 Finance and Credit Services £4.90 7.9
40 IG Group Holdings PLC IGG FTSE 250 Investment Banking and Brokerage Services £6.74 6.8

I'll publish the next top 40 dividend stocks review during the summer.

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