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Dear Fellow Investor,

Thank you for visiting UKDividendStocks.com.

My name is John Kingham and I have been a private investor since 1995, an investment blogger since 2008, an investment newsletter publisher since 2011 and an author since 2016.

My goal with this website is to help sensible investors gain the knowledge and confidence they need to invest for income and growth.

You can gain this knowledge and confidence through several channels:

The UK Dividend Stocks Blog

Every week or so I publish a new blog post, covering a range of topics including company reviews, market valuations, portfolio management ideas and anything else which might be useful to dividend investors.

The Defensive Value Investor

I wrote a book called The Defensive Value Investor and it was published by Hariman House in 2016. The book covers every aspect of my investment strategy as it stood at the time. I have made quite a few improvements to the strategy since then, but this book is still the best way to understand, in detail, the basics of how I invest.

Free Company Review Checklist and Spreadsheet

My approach to investing is systematic and methodical, so I use checklists and spreadsheets to make sure all company reviews and buy or sell decisions follow exactly the same process every time.

I use the checklist and spreadsheet on an almost daily basis and you can copy them or download them for free.

The UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter

Follow along as I manage the UK Dividend Stocks Portfolio for long-term income and growth. As a subscriber you'll get access to all my research, including clearly written reviews of buy and sell decisions, reviews of annual results for all holdings, target position sizes and much more.

Why this website exists

Although I have been an investor since 1995, I only started to take it seriously in 2005 after I sold my house and pocketed a large capital gain.

That gave my pension a significant boost, so I decided to read up on investing to make sure I knew what I was doing. 

After reading twenty or thirty books I came across The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham, who is often called the father of value investing.

The premise of value investing is simple. You try to buy companies when there is a material margin of safety between the share price and its intrinsic or fair value, and you sell when that margin of safety is no longer there (ideally because the share price went up). 

I found this idea fascinating because it matched my experience in the property market. I bought a house in 1995 when they were clearly very cheap and I sold the house in 2005 when it was clearly less cheap at four-times what I'd paid.

Value investing became a hobby and in 2008 I launched a blog at UKValueInvestor.com. I wanted to learn from and share my research with other investors, and to join in the conversation that was going on in the investing "blogosphere" at the time.

By 2011 I had evolved towards a more defensive and dividend-focused approach to value investing, and sensible UK-focused resources for that style of investing style were virtually non-existent.

Later that year, the company I'd worked at for 13 years (as an insurance software analyst) ran into serious problems and I was made redundant.

I saw this as an opportunity to (a) work full-time on something I was truly passionate about and (b) help other value-focused dividend investors gain the knowledge and confidence they needed to make their own investment decisions.

So in 2011 I launched the UK Value Investor Newsletter, which in 2021 became the UK Dividend Stocks Newsletter (to better highlight the central importance of dividends).

And to make sure I really knew what I was doing, I studied for and passed the CFA Institute's Investment Management Certificate in 2012.

Since 2011, hundreds of investors have subscribed to the newsletter and I have enjoyed almost every minute of it. And long may that continue.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to use this contact form.

Good luck with your investment journey,

John Kingham

Important notice: This website provides information and education for investors. It does not provide financial advice. If you need personal financial advice you should speak to a regulated financial adviser.