Welcome to a new website covering UK dividend stocks

Jul 13, 2021

Hello and welcome to UKDividendStocks.com.

In this post, I'll briefly outline who this site is for and what you'll find on the site, and then I'll give you a bit of information about me and why I set up the site.

Who this site is for

With a name like UKDividendStocks.com, it's fairly obvious that this site is for investors interested in UK dividend stocks.

More specifically, this site is for UK investors who want to invest in high-quality dividend stocks for long-term income and growth.

What this site offers

In my opinion, dividend investors should do three things to be successful:

  1. Own quality dividend stocks
  2. Own them at attractive valuations
  3. Own a concentrated and diverse portfolio

This website will be 100% focused on providing investors with information and tools to help them successfully achieve those three goals.

A brief history of the site

My name is John Kingham and from 2008 to 2021 I wrote a fairly well-known blog and investment newsletter at UKValueInvestor.com.

That website started out as a personal blog about my journey as an investor and morphed, in 2011, into a paid monthly newsletter for UK investors who were looking for relatively defensive but attractively valued dividend stocks.

I enjoyed running the site, but eventually my strategy evolved to the point where most people would describe it as dividend investing rather than value investing (although buying dividend stocks at attractive valuations is still at the heart of my approach).

So in 2021 I relaunched the blog and newsletter under a new name and a new web address (UKDividendStocks.com) that better describe what the blog and newsletter are all about.

A bit about me

Before I began publishing an investment newsletter in 2011, my professional background was in software analysis, primarily in the insurance industry.

In 2008 I started UKValueInvestor.com as a personal blog to record my investment ideas and to interact with other investors.

In 2011 I left my career as an insurance software analyst to become a full-time investment analyst and newsletter writer.

In 2016 my first book, The Defensive Value Investor, was published by Harriman House.

In 2017 I wrote a chapter for the New Book of Investing Rules, alongside other investors such as Anthony Bolton, Jack Bogle and Nick Train.

I have also written many articles for Master Investor Magazine and The Property Chronicle.

As an ex-software analyst, I tend to think in terms of logical repeatable processes, and that's how I've built my investment strategy. It's a step-by-step approach to building a portfolio of quality dividend stocks for long-term income and growth.

If you're interested in quality dividend stocks then please subscribe to the blog and I'll send you the latest blog posts as soon as they're published.

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